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COVID - 19 Plasma Registry


As part of a research study to determine if blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID- 19 can help treat hospitalized patients with active COVID-19 infection, by transferring passive immunity- many institutions are starting trials of plasma therapy, for which they need potential donors. If you have been fortunate to fully recover from COVID-19 and if your love and concern for a fellow human being urges you to sign up for being potential donor, please fill up the following questionnaire and sign.

Plasma donation involves undergoing a simple blood test initially to determine your antibody levels and if found suitable you will be required to do a blood donation from which the plasma will be separated and administered to the appropriate patient. Process is simple and does not involve procedure of any sort.

ECHO is earnestly requesting you to join this great humanitarian effort to create a Registry of Plasma Donors , so that patients can be benefitted without delay . We plan to work with major institutions in the Greater NY area and request you to join hands with us in this endeavor.

Together we can make a difference