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Dear friends,
ECHO hosting a Virtual food drive through Long Island Cares

As we are navigating through the COVID19 pandemic, we are uncertain how long it will take to reach a degree of normality in our life.

As millions of Americans are staying home to flatten the curve, we are unsure how long it take to weather this challenge. So many of our fellow Americans are out of work and millions more are filing for unemployment every month.Many are struggling to make ends meet and to put food on the table.

These are the moments our humanitarian side should shine through and these are the moments to show our act of kindness. In order to help our fellow New Yorker's, ECHO is joining hands with "Long Island Cares" to put food on the table for the struggling families.

You can do this by clicking the link https://yougivegoods.com/echo and go to SHOP NOW and pick the amount of Essential supplies you like to donate or you can donate through our website at www.echoforhelp.org Please support us in this noble cause.

Thank You.